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For years, my wish had been to achieve sculptures, but this supple material requires a framework I had a difficult time finding. Every time I received a packet from India, however, its enigmatic contents, its natural dusty fabric, its coarse stitches, all that fascinated me and deeply moved me.


Indeed, here they were the sculptures I wanted to create, where Indian packets and the ball from my Basque Country meet. Sent and received like a message, like a parcel, like a ball, always with the textile as a protecting cover and not just fine decoration.


So, me too, I turbaned, wrapped up my first packets with white fabrics salvaged from the parcels and then black fabrics. The surfaces were marked by prints, the seams became scars, sutures, folds, pleats, twists, the fibre was enriched by various waxes and sheens.


And these timeless blocks started looking like industrial remains or forgotten caskets where time has left its mark….